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3 Ways Responsive Web Design Can Yield The Results You Need

3 Ways Responsive Web Design Can Yield The Results You Need


Responsive web designEstimates suggest that more than half of all online businesses in the U.S still haven’t adapted their website to a responsive web design solution. Which is alarming, since 50% of mobile phone users utilize smartphones and tablets as their primary internet source. This statistic will only continue to grow in the years to come, but there is a bigger trend among mobile users which can better describe the relationship between responsive web design and the internet..

Almost half of smartphone and tablet owners use their apps more than the web itself, which can only mean two things: Either apps are becoming all-inclusive tools that don’t need that much internet assistance, or users are not getting what they are looking for in a direct and easy manner. So, if your business has not made the move to a responsive webs design format yet, here are a few best practices and things to keep in mind when you do.

What is responsive web design?

It has been around for almost three years, still a lot of jewelry business owners and users don’t know exactly what it is. Responsive web design is a type of web development meant to fit on three screens: mobile, tablet and desktop and accomplished by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). From a marketer’s perspective it’s like a branding guide for your website. It tells the browser how to interpret the HTML that contains the CSS. Why does this matter? It means that if creating a mobile specific website or app is out of budget — you can still deliver a great experience through responsive web design.

Think about your customers

When designing your responsive web design, crate an intuitive and intelligent architecture based on who your customers are and the kinds of products you sell. Always ask yourself how can you add value to your customer’s web experience, and the expected engagement will surely follow. The old rule in website design: “Don’t make me think!, still applies.

Optimizing for search engines

Being indexed in search engines is the cornerstone of great traffic, which will eventually turn into sales. To have your responsive web design properly optimized you will need to think in SEO terms, with accurate keyword titles and descriptions, optimized images and a fresh stream of relevant content. Also, keep in mind that 25% of people leave a website if it takes it more than 4 seconds to fully load, so fast loading pages are always a must.

Social proof

It’s no secret how social media can enhance your business by not only providing social proof and a straightforward way to staying connected to customers, but also by offering proven strategies to increase engagement, revenue and the right tools to track your performance. Social media is also a perfect way for search engines to consider your website and rank it higher.

Get on the responsive web design bus. Invest on the right web design strategy for your business and seize all the opportunities that the mobile world offers