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Web Development – Choose the Right Inventory Tools for Your Online Business


web-development-multimind-group-marketing-agencyAccurately managing your online inventory is key in an effective web development process that can improve your small business’ overall performance. Keeping your shelves stocked with the right items and being able to successfully forecast their movement can make or break your business, reason why the right inventory management tools for your company should be included in your jewelry business’ web development plan.

You already know why Excel is bad for tracking inventory, but if you’re not sure where to go from there, here is a list of factors to consider when trying to find the perfect inventory solutions for the right web development for your company.

What exactly do you need

What, specifically, does your company lack, and how can inventory management software help you improve those areas? Being clear on what you need and expect from your inventory solutions is crucial to finding the right one without the dangers of overpaying.

For instance, barcode scanners can help you speed up manufacturing processes, picking, packing and shipping products, and locating inventory. Inventory tracking software lets you manage inventory in multiple locations. There are many other examples of ways inventory management software solves logistical challenges. You just need to figure out which ones you need solved.

Ease of use

Training staff to use new technology can be expensive and time-consuming. Many vendors offer live demos or software trials so you can test drive the product before buying it. This is a great way to evaluate how easy or difficult will be for you and your employees to learn.

Integration with other inventory software

QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software for small businesses in the United States, but it’s not enough to handle complex inventory management tasks. Make sure the inventory management software you purchase integrates with QuickBooks. If it does integrate properly, you should be able to update your accounting and inventory software at the same time when you purchase products, sell products or transfer them. This saves time and makes it easier to keep your accounting and inventory records up to date.

Timeliness of data

Inventory solutions can be used as software only or with a mobile computer. Using a mobile computer gives you the flexibility to update inventory data from your warehouse, instead of doing every transaction from your computer. Inventory tracking solutions will use either batch data transfer or RF communication. If your inventory changes rapidly, or you don’t keep large amounts of stock on hand, wireless inventory solutions that offer real-time data is a must.


Trying to determine what an inventory tracking solution actually costs can be difficult. Elements that can bump up your basic solution cost are per-seat software licenses, hardware add-ons, technical support contracts, training and implementation. Request a quote that includes everything you need, so there are no surprises when it’s time to buy.