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Website Development – Bad Conversion rates? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions


Website DevelopmentYour jewelry website development is flawless: a great design, exquisite jewelry and competitive pricing makes it top nudge. But the bottom line is, visitors are not converting into buyers, despite you also burning a lot of cash on Google ad-words campaign and SEO techniques. What could be lacking in your jewelry website development to keep having such low conversions?

Based on our company’s years of experience in website development and jewelry marketing, here are some questions you should be asking yourself if you don’t see results from your marketing plan.

Is your website development fast and efficient enough?

A typical online jewelry buyer spends a lot of time surfing within a jewelry site. They go through almost every available design and metal option and if there is “build-a-ring” feature, they will spend a lot of time there too. Reason why sluggish websites are an instant turn-off. Get a speed audit done from various geographical locations and use online speed testing tools. Also, invest in server or cloud hosting with CDN.

Are you displaying shipping packaging details?

As high as 60% of purchases on jewelry websites will be gifts, so a jewelry buyer will always like to know his packaging options, like what kind of packaging are you offering and if it’s free of cost. Also, do you provide a choice for packaging? Have you displayed the photographs of the gift box? Do you provide customizations on gifting? The right packaging info display will definitely help in conversions.

Are enough trust cues displayed?

The jewelry buyer is not an impulsive buyer. Buying jewelry online is a serious business and clients will look for signs that show you are trustworthy. Use trust cues that bring tranquility to your customer and backing to your own reputation, but do ensure that all these logos are pulled from real websites with links. Simply pasting the logo is out-right illegal and will be counterproductive.

Does your store display testimonials?

Prospective buyers consistently check for product reviews and authentic testimonials. Instead of publishing reviews yourself; link them to third party review sites like TrustPilot, Yelp,, BBB and Google reviews. They carry more trust factor over self-published testimonials. If you don’t have client reviews yet; start building them by requesting your existing customers.

Is your return policy well defined?

Or does it have too much small print? Always make your return policy well defined in case of custom engraved items. Your return policy should also consist of step by step guides on how to return merchandise and care to be taken during return packaging. Check with your competitors return policy to see if you can do better.