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5 Steps to Ecommerce Website Success


ecommerce-multimind-group-marketing-agencyLet’s face it. A successful ecommerce website is the one that engages visitors and turns them into paying customers. And to do this, it has to integrate slick and effective design, easy navigation and trustworthy security policies that bring value to your client. Follow these 5 simple steps and turn your ecommerce website into a powerful virtual store.

– Think like a consumer: There is great value in knowing how to successfully categorize your products. The ecommerce website that makes their goods and services easy to find reap rewards in two ways. People purchase more and their purchasing experience will make them return and even recommend the website to other shoppers. If you sell a line of products with different prices, show to progression from least to most expensive. Also, consider up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by offering products that go great together.

– Keep it simple: Many people mention overly complicated navigation or too many pages in the purchase path as reasons they don’t complete their online sale or abandon their shopping cart. A successful ecommerce website simplifies the checkout process and displays clear pricing and shipping information. They also post clear return policies and access to customer service. Putting your brick and mortar store’s phone number in a visible place on your Web site is a good idea. Studies suggest that consumers feel more confident knowing you’re just a phone call away if they have a question or if there’s a problem with their order.

– Pictures and Videos do facilitate the purchasing process: Online studies suggest that people do not read, they scan. Reason why is crucial to add attractive pictures to your communication and go easy on the text. Headlines should be 8 words or less, keep sentences short (15-20 words) and try to keep summaries under 30 words and hold paragraphs to 40-70 words. Studies also confirm that people are 73% more likely to buy after watching a video, so try to use them wisely.

– Market your site once it’s live: It’s not enough to just build an ecommerce website. You need to make an effort to market and promote it. Collect email addresses on your site to help you keep in touch with customers and consider creating a newsletter. Seek links from other sites that complement yours. Optimize your site’s content for SEO and submit it to the major search engines.

– Make payment processing safe and easy: This one is truly important. People want to feel secure when giving you their personal information and want easy payment systems. And with online shopping booming, you want to offer your clients effective solutions in both aspects. There are online payment services like Pay-pal, Google Wallet and that can help you offer your clients just the payment facility they want and the online security they need.