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Web Page Design – An Effective Web Page Design Is All About Engagement


web-design-multimind-group-marketing-agency“A web page design that wants to adapt to its customer in the digital era must be able to create digital ecosystems that provide good products and services within the mobile platform. Everything you need you can find it in your smartphone, and the mobile revolution will extend your business model faster than web did. Web page design will increasingly become responsive design.”

For Thomas Andreesen, a web page design team manager in a Silicon Valley company, the advertising landscape is being deeply transformed by mobile devices becoming the “new normal” way of communicating and sharing information. “Mobile devices give people a lot of value, that’s why ad money is going there. Everyone will have a smartphone is the coming years.”

An effective web page design creates engagement

Indeed, consumers usually look for tools that will help them in their social and business life and satisfy a need or a want, and with everything becoming mobile, web page design companies have to come up with ways to provide those tools in a simple manner while producing value and creating engagement with the user.

Take the last time you planned a vacation. You probably used an app to buy your plane ticket, another to make hotel reservations and a third one to rent a car. And then you also probably used trip advisor to check for places to visit and then eat and finally Uber to know where you are going.

On its own, each app has a unique value to the customer, but when combined, they all create a product and service ecosystem that makes life easier. And if one app doesn’t work, there is another one a touch away. In reality, that’s exactly what everyone wants: things to make life easier.

But according to recent studies, business owners and managers haven’t really seized mobile advantages in more fruitful ways.

In a survey conducted by Forrester Consulting and comprising 500 digital business owners across the country, 74% of business executives said their company has a digital strategy but only 15% believe that the company has set a clear vision for digital in the business. Also, 78% doesn’t think the company has the skills, people and capabilities to execute said strategy.

Businesses that want to adapt to the new digital way of doing things must understand that mobile will inevitably transform their business in the next years. It is expected that by 2017, mobile ad spending will surpass ad spending on any other media. And it will do this not by generating revenue alone, but by creating ways in which things can be done more easily. This engagement is what will ultimately make the customer stay.