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Ecommerce – Do you have a good or great website?


ecommerce-multimind-group-marketing-agencyEcommerce strategies that work have one thing in common: they sell. And they sell because all factors involved in the selling process are working together in harmony. Of course there are cases when one factor might be out of tune with the overall strategy and the website still attracts visitors and turns them into buyers. But we are talking about selling at full capacity, and an Ecommerce strategy that will REALLY help your website synchronizes all intentions into one result: maximizing your website’s selling efforts.

The first thing that a great website has is a clear goal. People should visit your website and know what you are, do, and what you want them to do. Do you want them to click on a big, red shiny button? Or fill out an application? Do you want them to read your content, share it online, leave some feedback and click on a big, red shiny button? You need to have a clear message and make it easy for the visitor to figure it out so they can take the next step. Your ecommerce strategy will thank you for the clarity.

According to the book, Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug, users shouldn’t even have to think about what they are doing or how to get something to work on your website – it should just be intuitive. That’s why a great website makes information easy to find, navigate through and easy to share. So if your visitors have to click multiple times to get to the information they really care for your website might be suffering from a poor architectural content plan that is surely affecting its ecommerce efforts.

Which gives way to the second point. If your visitor finds your content appealing the next logical step would be to share it. And here is where your social media strategy and blogs should be in total synchronicity with your website, not only creating engaging and fun content that is USEFUL (sometimes clients don’t care about company news, they care about what’s going on in their lives) but also optimizing it for search engines.

Meaning you need to find optimization experts to make your site SEO friendly. Google is the main search platform all websites function in so optimizing your webpage to fit Google’s search algorithms (which are regularly updated) is always a great idea for a great website. Remember when we talked about being clear on what you are and do? Having a relevant list of keywords will help you on that. Also, SEO means having great content that is also indexable, so you will have to find a good team of experts to make that happen.

If the previous steps function, a great website should be able to capture leads. Any good marketer will tell you that the money is on the list. Make your website a mail-catching machine with contact forms, e-mail marketing and newsletters offered in the right place at the right time.