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Web Design – What Is The Best Color For High Conversions?


web-design-multimind-group-marketing-agencyWeb design has such a profound effect on how a website performs online that it is a total shame how some web marketers sometimes undermine its importance and wrongly assume that that the ONLY factor that drives up sales is either a powerful sales strategy or their ability to empower customers and motivate them to sign up. Don’t take us wrong, thEse points are huge in your overall e-commerce strategy, but if you are not able to notice the seemingly little things in your web design, you might be making a huge marketing mistake.

As always, let us explain with an example. We came across a client that was the epitome of leadership, drive and passion. What she most wanted was to create a strong and reputable online business that would allow her to exploit her passion for sales and marketing while helping her abandon the vicissitudes of a 9-to-5 job. She had an OK web design with lots of calls to action, visual cues to sign up and a great welcoming video where she made this introduction that would just leave you speechless. But her leads conversion wasn’t as speechless as the video.

And what she made up for in marketing and strategy skills she lacked in simple web design details. She told us that weren’t her field so she didn’t put much effort into creating a visual strategy. She thought an attractive enough call to action and a good packaged product would do the trick. Which is true, but not entirely. When we looked at her website we noticed that the marketing aspect of it was perfectly laid out. But her lead conversion problem was originating somewhere else.

You see, color theory has to be one of the most important aspects of web design and there should be a strategy behind it. It’s definitely not just about creating amazing images with vibrant color. We have seen websites with great conversion rates that are almost completely white, but they are familiar with the concept of passive colors and action colors.

Passive colors make up your brand, logo, and visual appeal. Action colors demand people to click. And the real success in any website strategy is to know how to mix them correctly. Establish which are your passive colors and your action colors. If your website layout is designed with a specific palette, make your links, buttons and calls to action stand out from that palette with opposite colors. The secret is to use passive colors as visual appeal and action colors as a demand to click.

This might be common sense but we see websites do this mistake all the time. If you are going to use red as your action color, please don’t use red ANYWHERE else. Train your visitors to know that your action color means click.