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E-commerce – Create High Converting Landing Pages


ecommerce-multimind-group-marketing-agencyE-commerce is our business and we are passionate about it. And our clients know that, which is why we love receiving both feedback and questions. And we know that many online marketers out there are also passionate about it, because they actually take the time to educate themselves, show interest and ask relevant inquiries. So we want to connect with them by answering some often asked questions that will certainly help you get clear on your path to online sales and e-commerce success.

What is a landing page and how do I build one that actually helps me get people to my website? – John Torres, Miami, Fl.

Landing pages are crucial part of the e-commerce process. Every time someone clicks on your banner ad, PPC ad or promotional mail they get to a welcoming page that has the unique purpose of collecting your potential customer’s information, usually in exchange for something, like an e-book, free report or a free analysis of your competition. But why not just have the potential customer get to your website instead? That’s a good question. Home pages are usually cluttered with information so there are many possible actions a visitor can take. You don’t want that. The most important reason for landing pages is to get the visitor to take just ONE action: give you their e-mail. That’s it. And that’s why landing page has to be clutter-free, well designed and right to the point.

Despite what a anyone else might tell you, there is not one pre-existing formula for creating high converting landing pages. We have seen simple e-commerce landing pages with just one headline and a registration form as well as more elaborate ones with nice visuals and more information. And they both had conversion rates of about 72% which is excellent. But they did share some common ground.

A benefit oriented headline: The headline is the most important part. Try to use the same title that you use on your ad campaign. Appeal to their need: Your visitor has reached your landing page because he is interested in what you have to offer. He has a need that you can hopefully satisfy. Let him know what could happen if he doesn’t register. Let him know what could happen if he doesn’t hire you. And let him know that you are the right person for the job.

Show trust: use testimonials from satisfied customers (with permission), use a video of a client talking about you or show logos of media placements or high profile customers. The point is to convince the visitor that they can trust you. Be concise: People hate to read, so make them focus on your benefits with big bullet points, not big paragraphs.

A strong call to action: There should not be any distracting links. Once you have explained yourself you have to tell the visitor what to do and direct him to the ONE action you want them to take.