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The most useful website design trends of 2014 so far

The most useful website design trends of 2014 so far


2014 and website Design

In 2014 we will begin to see new trends with regards to website design. Here are some trends that are growing in popularity and are projected as the most used for this new year:

  1. To appear as a grid: this trend consists on condensing the information with thumbnail images or text that can be easily read by the consumer.
  2. Experimental fonts: more and more web designers are choosing to improve the recollection of the websites by the users through the utilization of unique types of letter, reflecting the personal touch of the companies they represent.
  3. Slide out menus: These are located on one side of the web page and appear once you mouse over them. By adding this feature they don’t hinder the view of the rest of the website.
  4. HTML5: Another common technique is the use of HTML5 for video playback, which would replace Flash and enable designers to make personalized videos in better quality and in a simpler way.
  5. More video and less text: Users are becoming more visual and in a world that demands fast and simple things audiovisual products are very attractive in a website design.
  6. Mobile versions: finally, one of the most important trends, which began in 2013, is the attention to mobile products. Currently websites should have specialized mobile applications or designs, so that users can access the site from their cellphones, tablets or even their gaming consoles.

We encourage you to use some or all of this useful techniques to drive more traffic to your website. It is important to remember that a flawless website is also a sales magnet.


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